Archan Nair - New Illustration titled “ Clouder“
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Takato Yamamoto


“I saw the angel in the marble and carved until I set him free.”

I could stare at this until I die.

Alice HJ aka Mono Finger aka Alice HwangJi (Seoul, Korea, Republic of) - Plaything, 2013      Drawings: Pen on Paper
Home is in my hair, my lips, my arms, my thighs, my feet and my hands. I am my own home. And when I wake up crying in the morning, thinking of how lonely I am, I pinch my skin, tug at my hair, remind myself that I am alive. Remind myself to step outside and greet the morning. Remind myself that it’s all about forward motion. It’s all about change. It’s all about that elusive state.
 —Diriye Osman, Fairytales for Lost Children
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